Retirement Wellness: Choosing Active, Luxury Retirement for a Healthier Tomorrow

Jan 31, 2019

Retirement isn’t just a chance to say goodbye to work and worries. According to a recent study, retirement can actually help you live longer. In a 2017 study from the Health Economics journal, a group of economists from the Netherlands studied the effect early retirement had on a group of citizens. Male respondents who chose to retire early were 2.6 percent less likely to die within the next five years than those who did not choose early retirement. Similar studies done in the United States, Germany, England, Israel and other European countries have shown similar results.

“As more and more Baby Boomers retire or think about retirement, senior living communities have been talking about retirement as ‘the next chapter of your life,’” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “These results, which show that retiring can actually improve your health, are a great testament. More and more communities like Hidden Springs of McKinney are embracing this optimistic, positive outlook on retirement and providing opportunities for seniors of any age to live an active, engaging lifestyle in a luxury setting.”

It’s important to note, however, that retirement itself isn’t what increases longevity – it’s what you do with it that matters. Research shows that simply retiring without adding anything additional to your life can increase loneliness, physical inactivity and poor eating habits. Actively participating in retirement can help senior retirees stay physically active, promote social engagement and increase healthy habits like eating right, reducing stress and visiting the doctor on a regular basis.

“Retiring to a luxury senior living community like Hidden Springs of McKinney can help retirees achieve an active lifestyle because everything you need is right there,” says Doris. “We say that at Hidden Springs, you won’t simply live well, you’ll find everything you need to live your best life possible. That means not just luxury services and amenities, but also opportunities that empower you to continue to age successfully – whether you’ve been retired for years or you’ve just entered this stage of life.”

How does Hidden Springs of McKinney help seniors achieve retirement wellness? Here are four reasons why our community provides an active, luxury retirement for a healthier tomorrow:

Promotes Socialization

Humans are social beings, and with all the spare time you have in retirement, you have so many opportunities to remain social. Engaging with others keeps us young at heart, and allows us to make new friendships and find new activities and interests. At Hidden Springs of McKinney, it’s a little bit like going back to college – only without the homework and with much better living situations. Step onto our campus, and you’ll be surrounded by “instant friends” – other independent, active seniors who are making the most of their retirement years and looking to make friends as well. Our active and jam-packed social and events calendar allows you to jump right into the social life at Hidden Springs with scheduled activities and fun programming.

Encourages Wellness and a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy is perhaps the biggest factor of aging well. By remaining physically active and taking steps to ensure peak wellness, you’ll improve your quality of life, continue to be as mobile as possible and stave off health issues. Hidden Springs of McKinney takes a holistic approach to healthy living, weaving wellness throughout all aspects of life in our community. High-end dining options with locally sourced ingredients and nutritionist-approved menus. A state-of-the-art fitness and aquatics center. Our one-of-a-kind wellness program provides medical assistance and resources to residents and their families. We believe wellness is something you “do,” not something that you “are,” and so it’s something our residents practice every day, in and out.

Provides Peace of Mind for All Care Needs

Hidden Springs is the only retirement community in the North Dallas area that provides independent living, assisted living and memory care services. No matter what level of care you need now or in the future, you can relax and have peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always have a home here whether or not your health needs change. That security doesn’t just provide comfort … it reduces stress and helps you maintain a positive outlook, all of which makes your retirement that much healthier.

Increases Happiness and Provides Purpose

As the studies have shown, retirement wellness hinges on being active and fulfilled during your retirement years. What does that mean to you? Do you want to volunteer your time with community organizations? Learn something new, like a language or a skill? Give back by organizing charity events, social outings, or something else? Hidden Springs of McKinney prides itself on being incredibly linked to our North Dallas community, and are dedicated to giving back to the organizations and business in our area. We actively encourage and assist our residents in finding a passion and then help create avenues for them to achieve their goals.

We invite you to visit Hidden Springs of McKinney and discover the secret to a life well-lived. For more information about our innovative, active senior life community or our beautiful location in McKinney, TX, please contact 972.445.9844.

Active Retirement Living for a Healthy Tomorrow

The secret to a life well-lived awaits you at Hidden Springs of McKinney. Envisioned and developed by Madison Marquette, a company with a 25-year track record of investing in vibrant communities and a stellar reputation for developing luxury residences, you’ll discover all the possibilities your retirement brings … as well as the confidence of knowing your future is secure.

Our beautifully appointed, active retirement living community is created for those who expect more out of life. Luxury living, gracious services, resort-quality amenities, engaging programs and stunning apartments in 12 floor plans are just a few of the benefits awaiting you. And with assisted living and memory care services offered on campus, you can retire with complete peace of mind, knowing that if needs change, the care you deserve is right at home.