Resident Spotlight: Teri and Larry Purcell

Feb 12, 2020

It’s hard to get a feel for a senior living community when you’re just reading their marketing materials or browsing their website. Sure, you’re getting valuable information, but what is it really like living at this community or that? What are the things that you can’t get from just sitting behind a computer screen?

“We know that it’s so much easier to get a ‘feel’ for a community when you talk to someone who’s getting ready to live there and is excited about the move,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “That’s why I was excited that Teri and Larry Purcell agreed to sit down with us to talk about their experience and what they’re looking forward to about life in Hidden Springs.”

Teri, 68, and Larry, 75, are part of our Discovery Club – the founding residents of Hidden Springs of McKinney. They’ve been married for 43 years and had exciting, long careers (Teri was a flight attendant for American Airlines; Larry was in the military and was also an international banker). They’re vibrant, excited and can’t wait until Hidden Springs finally opens its doors.

“I was excited six months ago,” says Teri. “Sometimes I lie awake at night and think about decorating our apartment. As soon as Doris says we can move in, we’re ready to go.”

Doris: When did you decide you wanted to move into senior living?

Teri: We had been living on a four-acre farm for 42 years, and it became obvious that it was time to downsize and start enjoying life a little more. I’d been looking at communities for about two years – I wanted to move to a place that had continuous care so that we never had to worry about moving again, no matter how our health changed.

D: How did you hear about Hidden Springs?

T: I have a cousin who lives in McKinney, and she told me they were building a new community near her. I had visited several communities over the years, and nothing seemed to fit. They were all too “senior” for me. I wanted a place that was fun and active. So when I heard about Hidden Springs, I checked it out online and then interviewed – and I absolutely loved it. I just got a really good feeling about what was going on.

D: What was it about Hidden Springs that you liked?

Larry: It was the quality that spoke to us – the quality of everything, from the touches they were putting into the apartments, the buildings, the quality of the chef … and overall, it just felt like home. We felt like we would be moving into an apartment that was our home, as opposed to an apartment in a place that felt institutionalized.

D: How do you feel about this next chapter of your life? What are your plans?

T: Our plans are to enjoy life and not have to worry about all the little details. We’ve raised a family and had careers, and now it’s our turn to be taken care of. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know we can just lock the door and go away on a cruise and not have to worry about animals, or a house … to have no anchor whatsoever.

L: We’re also looking forward to the friendships. Every night, we’ll have the opportunity to visit friends, have dinner, do things with … and we don’t have to drive somewhere to do it. It’s all right there.

D: Was there anything that concerned you about moving to a community?

T: My mother lived in a retirement community that she just loved – everything was right there for her, and I really think it helped keep her young. When it was time for us to look for places, we visited some communities that looked absolutely beautiful on the outside but once you got in, it was as sterile as you could get. I was concerned that we would get into a place where they wouldn’t deliver what was promised. But we don’t feel that way about Hidden Springs – not at all. Since we’re part of the Discovery Club, we’ve been involved since the beginning of the whole process, and we got a real good sense of what’s going on, what decisions are being made, that sort of thing.

D: We appreciate so much that you’ve chosen Hidden Springs as your home for this chapter of your life. What have you enjoyed about being charter members of our community?

T: What’s so neat is that we’ve had a chance to get to know other members of the Discovery Club and before the community even opens. It really helps to build a community feel and get everyone excited about living at Hidden Springs.

L: I like that everyone at Hidden Springs has made a tremendous effort to make sure we know that this is our home. They want us to be happy with every detail. It’s all about “our home” as opposed to “their business.”

D: What would you tell someone are the top three things they need to think about if they’re looking into senior living?

T: I would say that depends on what your needs are. For me, I really wanted the opportunity to be social and have a place that felt like a community.

L: It’s important to know where you want to be, geographically. Then, you should know what you want for yourself and your spouse in terms of your current and future lifestyles. Then, once you have your wants and needs, you can start looking for places that will fit you and what you want.

D: Is there anything else you’d like to say to people who might be reading this blog post?

T: Don’t wait too long in life to do this. Move while you still have the mobility to embrace life.

L: Be sure to shop around and do your research, too. If you shop around, you’ll be able to get a pretty good feel about what life is like at the community, and find out if you have commonality with the people who already live there.

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