15 Ideas for New Habits and Hobbies in the New Year

Jan 11, 2021

Happy 2021! After last year, we’re all looking forward to 12 months of hope, promise and a return to somewhat normality. However, right now, we’re still riding the winter and the risk of contracting COVID-19, which means it’s the perfect time to find a new hobby or develop a new, healthy habit.

The beginning of the year has always been the perfect time to adopt healthy new hobbies, and that hasn’t changed in 2021. So, in honor of National Hobby Month, why not take this time to explore new ideas, new activities and new ways to reinvent yourself?

No matter how old or young you are, a new hobby can totally revitalize you. But it’s best to think about what type of hobby or habit will really benefit you before jumping headfirst into it.

What are your goals for the new year? Are you trying to be more active? Would you like to express yourself creatively? Maybe you’d like to monetize your extracurricular activities? Narrowing down what your goals are can help you find a hobby that will energize and engage you.

Goal 1: Relaxation

A truly enjoyable hobby or habit can be a great stress reliever – and these days, we all could do with a little less stress and a lot more relaxation. Here are just a few hobbies that could help you find a more relaxed you in 2021.

  • Read more. Reading allows you to escape into different worlds, learn new things, explore new ideas and is often simply enjoyable. Studies have shown it’s very relaxing, too, which is why many people make it a habit to read before bedtime.
  • Journal. Journaling has become quite popular these days. Not only is it a stress-reliever, but it’s also a great exercise that can calm your mind, boost your mood and even allow you to express your creativity.
  • Meditate. Being mindful is the practice of being present and enjoying the current moment. It’s easy to do, doesn’t require any special equipment or training and can be done anywhere.
  • Begin scrapbooking. In the age of digital photographs, it can be nice to have something tangible to flip through to remember the good times. Scrapbooking can also be an excellent way to show off your creative skills. In the end, you’ll have something beautiful you can keep forever.
  • Color. Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. Prior to the pandemic, coloring clubs were popping up all across the country. But it’s also a great solo activity you can do alone. Choose something that’s as detailed or as simple as you like, grab your colored pencils, pop on a favorite album or podcast and get ready to bliss out.

Goal 2: Get Fit

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or otherwise get in shape, a new hobby is a great way to do it. Ring in the new year with some habits and hobbies that will help you do just that.

  • Put on your dancing shoes. Dancing is a great exercise that uses your entire body, and it’s a lot of fun, too. You can resolve to take a dance break once a day by jamming to your favorite tunes, or you can take lessons from the comfort of your living room (there are plenty of channels on YouTube these days).
  • Walking or running. Of course, the easiest habit or hobby simply requires you to lace on your shoes. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or simply take a nightly walk around the block, it’s easy and provides a lot of physical benefits.
  • Strength training. You don’t need fancy weights in order to build muscle and resistance. Even doing reps with soup cans can help increase muscle tone and provide stability. This is perfect as we get older, as our risk of falling increases greatly.

Goal 3. Learn a Skill

Learning a new trick or trade is great for those who like to tinker or are otherwise curious about the world around them. And there is no dearth of hobbies for those who are interested in that particular goal.

  • Learn a new language. Get ready for an international holiday (when we’re able to travel overseas again) by starting a new language course. There are all sorts of courses available, from the official to the free.
  • Learn to play an instrument. Or pick up one that you played when you were younger. Learning an instrument is a great way to keep your cognitive function up, and it can help unlock the creativity that you didn’t know existed.
  • Go back to school. These days, going back to college as an older adult is far from uncommon. Whether you want to get a new degree or simply pick up some courses at the local community college, going back to school isn’t just for the kids anymore.
  • Launch a new career. Surprise! Many older adults jump back into the workforce with zeal after they’ve retired. Some choose to be consultants in their previous industries, while others choose to go a different route entirely.

Goal 4: Express Yourself

Creativity, like a fine wine or cheese, only improves with age. Your life experiences can create a wealth of beautiful art and expression that’s not only enjoyable to do; it also has the potential to move others as well.

  • Take an art class. Painting, sculpture, dancing, weaving, photography – creating a work of art is therapeutic and gives you the chance to learn something new. Teach yourself through online classes, or connect with a professional for a one-on-one course.
  • Start a blog. Or write the next great American novel. Or simply write down your life’s experiences so that your future generations can learn what it was like to live in your time period.
  • Volunteer. Sharing your knowledge and your skills by volunteering can help your community and bring a lot of personal fulfillment.

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