Deb Primera, Interior Decorator

Mar 7, 2019

Deb Primera

High Performance Interior Decorator, Remodeler, Business Owner

PO Box 28504 | Austin, TX  78755
Phone: 512.695.8601

Deb Primera loves what she does – and what she does works! Deb is a highly successful decorator who is passionate about her work in design and decor. As owner of Simply Styled Interiors for fourteen years, she has worked with thousands of clients to sell their listings or create beautiful spaces for living. Deb’s credentials include two seasons with HGTV in Washington, D.C. as the designer for the home makeover show Get It Sold, and as the staging expert for The Austin Real Estate Experts. In addition, she was the Stylist for Austin’s first premier luxury condo project, a contributing writer for HGTV specials, and has hosted various design seminars for major retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue and Collectic Home. Deb’s business encompasses projects with national and local clients, and she is currently focused on her work with retirement communities across the nation. Her unique portfolio of expertise has won her a range of interesting projects.

Before launching her interior redesign company, Deb was a Human Resources Executive in the high-tech industry, and in addition to her flare for design, she credits her success in large part to her business experience. Her large clientele has been built solely on referrals, and she believes her skills and expertise in management, relationships and communication are key to her accomplishments. Deb works with people from all walks of life including high-profile clientele, and her services range from minor redesigns and consultations to managing new, large-scale build and renovation projects. As a decorator, she believes that everyone can have a beautiful home, regardless of budget, and she manages every project to that goal.

In her model home projects, Primera’s work is design-based and detailed, and based on effective sales-related principles developed to ensure success. Heralded for her highly competitive track record in helping sell listings in all segments, Deb is a visionary and is known for her accurate perception of what buyers are seeking in the properties she touches. Her creative ability to make even small changes matter in a big way has earned her a loyal and expansive clientele.

A native Texan, Deb enjoys sports, reading, travel and adventure, but loves most of all being at home, surrounded by family and friends. She is currently working on expanding Simply Styled Interiors to encompass new dimensions in décor and design, and always looks forward to her favorite thing … meeting her next client.