Downsizing THE RIGHT WAY!


We understand that the inconvenience of moving out of your family home can sometimes get in the way of making the decision to downsize to the carefree comfort of a luxury retirement community like Hidden Springs Community.

But here’s the good news – downsizing doesn’t have to be a negative experience!

In fact, many people look at downsizing from a much more positive viewpoint – because it’s a chance to clean the nonessential things out of their lives and make room for things that are more meaningful in their current life stage.

But if the thought of sorting through your belongings and selling your home is overwhelming, consider this advice, designed help you downsize the right way. You’ll be one step closer to living an active retirement with new heights of personalized attention, comfort, beauty and fulfillment.

Start in the Heart of the Home – When you begin downsizing your belongings, experts suggest starting in the most important room (usually the kitchen or family room) and working outward. The most important rooms will hold the most treasured or most-used items, and you’ll likely have a harder time deciding what to keep or donate/discard. After you finish these rooms, the process will get easier and easier.

Share Family Heirlooms – If you have jewelry or other pieces in your home that were either passed down to you, such as your mother’s pearls or a painting from your grandfather, or if there are objects of great value to you, consider passing down these items as family heirlooms. By passing these treasured items down, you are creating memories and a legacy for future generations and making it easier to downsize. You may not have a use for these items after moving, but when you see your loved ones with the items that you held so dear, you may get just as much, if not more, joy out of having passed them down.

Make a Few Extra Dollars – Consider selling some of your valuable belongings to earn income toward your new lifestyle. Rather than putting a valuable piece in storage or donating it, try selling it online or to an antique store. Another option may be to sell your home furnished and raise the price slightly.

Give It Away – Many of the items that won’t be of use to you in your downsized home could be useful to others. Consider donating unwanted clothing, dishes or home goods to a local thrift store. Empty your cupboards right before you move and donate non-perishables to a food bank. For items that  have significant value to you, but might not have a place in your new home, consider giving them as gifts or heirlooms to your family or friends.

Hire Professionals – If you can afford to, hiring professional services can make the process of selling and clearing your home much easier. Hiring a good realtor can simplify the process of selling your house, and you’re more likely to fetch a higher price than if you sold it on your own. A realtor willalso find potential buyers for you, so your house could sell faster. They will also inform you of all the  legal and logistical tasks that will take place in the sale. Afterward, hire professional movers and/ or organizers to take your belongings to your new home and help you unpack. They may be able to drop off unwanted items at a local charity or thrift store.

Get Loved Ones Involved – Chances are, your family and friends are more than willing to help you downsize if you ask them. Enlist their help with sorting out your belongings, transporting items to donation centers, cleaning your house or moving items to your new home. You could also ask family members with storage space to store a few boxes of things you’re not ready to get rid of, that won’t fit in your new place. Family and friends are also a great source of comfort and support during emotional periods of the moving process.

Remember the Positives – If you find yourself overwhelmed while downsizing, remember all the benefits your new lifestyle in a senior living community will offer: manageable space, a vibrant social life, great dining options, fun activities every day, convenient amenities and services, a great location, easy access to health care – and so much more!