Why Location Matters When Choosing a Senior Living Community

May 14, 2019

There are many things to consider when moving to a senior living community. You’ll want to find out what programs and activities are provided, what the food is like, how much everything costs, what care options are available and so on. But before you begin narrowing communities down by what’s inside, you want to first look at what’s outside. And no, we aren’t talking about landscaping. We’re talking about location. What does the world look like beyond the community’s doors?

“Location may not be the first thing you think about when choosing a community, but it’s one of the biggest things that can tell you what life will be like there,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “Is it in an urban setting with easy access to culture, entertainment, arts and events? Is it in a more sleepy, secluded area with plenty of wide-open spaces and opportunities to enjoy nature? Is it near your family or in a place where you’ll live a better quality of life? Once you determine the right location for your retirement years, you can move on to choosing the right community for you in that area.”

Where Are Today’s Seniors Moving?

A recent analysis done by those in the senior living arena shows that, while 36 percent of seniors choose to move to a community in their preferred location, nearly 60 percent move to a place that’s not their preferred primary location. Why is that?

Looking at the numbers a little closer, you’ll see that it’s a situation where location did matter a great deal to the senior looking for a community – it just wasn’t the deciding factor. Here are five typical reasons why the preferred location doesn’t get chosen:

There aren’t any senior living communities that meet their needs. For example, some seniors might wish to stay in their rural farming community, but there simply aren’t any retirement communities there. In that case, seniors tend to move to the nearest area that has a community that meets their needs – staying as close to their preferred location as much as possible.

The preferred location is too expensive. Senior living communities are affected by the housing market, too. A senior who’s seen their suburb become the hip hotspot may choose to move to a nearby community to get similar care and amenities for a much lower price.

The chosen location is closer to medical facilities. Many seniors, even if they’re healthy and active, are aware that they will probably need medical assistance as they age. Ultimately, they decide to move to communities that are situated close to medical facilities so that expert care is available at practically a moment’s notice.

The chosen location is close to loved ones. Even if you dream about retiring to Hawaii, the reality is that most people enjoy being near their family as they age. Instead of moving across the country to a “dream location,” many retirees choose to move to a senior living community that’s in a spot where they’ll be able to see their adult children and grandchildren on a regular basis.

How to Choose the Right Location for You

As you can see, each of the reasons are influenced in some way, either directly or indirectly, by location. So, what does the “right” location mean for you or a loved one? Here are some things to think about as you’re searching for the “right” place:

Is it near things you like to do? Are you a foodie who loves to try out new, local restaurants? Are you a shopaholic who enjoys spending time at the mall or downtown among cute boutiques? Is there a thriving theatre scene? What about nature walks and preserves? Check and see what’s available near the senior living communities of your choice.

Where’s the closest medical center? Even if the senior living community offers healthcare services onsite, emergencies do happen and it can be nice to know that help is never far away. Does the community have partnerships with nearby hospitals? Is your insurance accepted? How long will it take you to get to your regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments?

What unique opportunities does this community offer? The best senior living communities offer experiences and activities both on- and off-site. Take a look at what they offer and see if it lines up with your interests and passions. If you enjoy lifelong learning, are there partnerships with local universities? If you enjoy the great outdoors, what clubs are available?

Is it near family, or is it a fun place for your family to visit? If you wind up near family, that’s great – is it close enough that you can see them as often as you and they wish? If you’re moving somewhere away from your family, is it easy for them to get to? Will they enjoy visiting your location? Is there a place for them to stay if they do visit?

Luxury Living in North Dallas

At Hidden Springs of McKinney, we understand how important location is to North Dallas seniors who are looking for an engaging, enriching retirement lifestyle. Located in McKinney, Texas, we are close to medical centers, arts and entertainment, outdoor opportunities and everything else you love about this area. Seniors who choose to make us their home can enjoy a range of trips, opportunities and activities while living their very best life thanks to our innovative focus on wellness.

To learn more about Hidden Springs of McKinney and discover The Secret to a Life Well Lived, call or visit us today. We’d be happy to schedule a tour and show you just how much our location can make your retirement experience exceptional. Call us today at 972.445.9844.

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