The Grand Trip: How to Plan a Sensational Summer with Your Grandchildren

Jun 17, 2019

If you live near your grandchildren, the long summer break allows for all sorts of outdoor fun, travel and quality time together. Even if you have to travel to them or they travel to you, this is a special time of year when grandparents and grandkids can plan their schedule, instead of planning around their schedules.

“There are all sorts of festivals, events, concerts and activities in the North Dallas area, and many of them are perfect for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy together,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney, a senior life community in McKinney, Texas. “Retired seniors especially can transform this season to a magical playtime, allowing you to create memories that your grandchildren will cherish for a lifetime.”

Many retirees choose to move to a senior living community in order to be close to their grandchildren, so it should come as no surprise that communities like Hidden Springs of McKinney offer all sorts of family-friendly activities, events and outings that grandchildren and grandparents are invited to enjoy together.

The Perfect Summer: Five Spectacular Suggestions

As the last days of school approach and balmy spring turns into hot summer, it’s time to start planning the upcoming months (they’ll be over before we know it!). Here are some ideas to spark your imagination on how to create a summer to remember.

Host a “grandparent camp.”

Make a visit a truly memorable event by hosting a “grandparent camp” where you host your grandkids for several days. Whether you want to make it a huge thing with the entire family, or prefer to do smaller, different “camps” with each group of grandkids, this is a fun-filled time of outings, activities and adventures together. It’s usually an overnight visit (or two, or a week … you decide), and you can decide the agenda depending on your grandkids’ interests. For example:

  • Turn your backyard into a water park with wading pools, sprinklers, inflatable water slides, Super Soakers and more.
  • Hold a backyard campfire complete with songs, stories and roasted marshmallows.
  • Think of a theme and plan the activities around it. Are your grandkids interested in the solar system or the Wild West?

Take a trip.

Lots of us have memories of being packed into the car and heading off to distant destinations. Summer is an ideal time to travel (again, because of the no-school situation), especially to bigger cities or attractions that aren’t always feasible to visit during the year. Dream as big or little as you’d like! Disney World and Universal Studios are perennial favorites (if you don’t mind the heat and the crowds), but don’t forget other, less flashy locations that can be just as fun. Yellowstone National Park, Lake of the Ozarks, Nashville and other destinations. You could also go to a kid-friendly resort, like Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas, so you can enjoy time together while still getting pampered as well.

Enjoy the outside.

With long days and warm nights, summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun. Go swimming, catch fireflies, organize a treasure hunt or play kickball. Share some of your favorite childhood games, or visit a playground and let them swing to their heart’s content. Many local lakes will rent canoes or kayaks, and going fishing is always a great way to spend a day. At night, enjoy a crackling bonfire and point out the constellations overhead in the starry sky. Day or night, there’s a whole world of excitement waiting outside your door.

Liven up a rainy day.

One thing we can’t plan is the weather, so don’t forget about fun things to do when you’re stuck inside. Pull out some board games, or teach the kids how to play cards. Baking cookies is always enjoyable, as is reading out loud. You can also host a movie with popcorn and snacks, or spend some time doing crafts.

Attend a summer celebration.

Or host one of your own. Throw a big family reunion, or head to the lake for the 4th of July. Attend a picnic or listen to a live concert under the stars. There are many events going on in the North Dallas area – many of which are free – that are fun for the whole family. Pack some snacks, sunscreen and (of course) a camera, and you’re ready for summer!

Be Prepared

No matter what you’re doing this summer, it’s always good to prepare for oopsies and accidents. Here are some things you should have readily on hand to help save an event from disaster:

  • Carry first-aid supplies in the car – having some bandages on hand in a purse or bag is always great, but a more well-stocked kit in the car can help you take care of bigger “ouchies” without having to hurry home.
  • Make sure you and the kids have plenty of water. Kids more than likely won’t think about stopping for a drink when they’re in the middle of something fun, so be sure that everyone gets adequate hydration. If you’re going out for the day, you can put a little cooler in your trunk and stock it with ice and bottled water.
  • If you’re taking a long trip, don’t just rely on smartphones and tablets. Get some old-school car activities to pass the time, or play “I Spy” or another game that everyone can do together.
  • Avoid a hangry meltdown by carrying plenty of snacks with you! Little baggies of Goldfish crackers, granola bars, snack nuts or anything that’s easy to carry will satisfy the little ones (and big kids, too).
  • Have a back-up plan (or several). Plans can and will fall through, but having a go-to movie, activity or game can be just as fun as what you may have originally intended.

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