5 Tips on Locating an Assisted Living Community That Provides Independence and Support as You Age

Jul 9, 2019

You’ve been living in your home for quite a while now – decades, perhaps. It may be the place you raised your family, or someplace you’ve simply been enjoying your retirement. But now you’re noticing that your comfy home isn’t quite so comfortable any more. Maybe you’re having more and more difficulty getting up the stairs. Or you don’t have the energy or time to manage all the upkeep required. Or, simply, you’re starting to worry about your health and what will happen as you continue to age.

“For many seniors, this is the time when they begin considering moving to assisted living,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “The best time to move into assisted living is before you really need the assistance – while you’re still able to do many things but only need a little extra help. Whatever your level of support required, you want to find an assisted living community that provides support and gives you as much independence as possible as you age. A community like Hidden Springs of McKinney allows older adults to enjoy their senior years receiving the support they need, giving them independence and peace of mind that they’ll always be able to live safely in a home they love.”

Assisted living communities are true communities, designed for seniors who desire independence to do the things they love, but who need a little help from time to time with things like bathing, dressing or other tasks. In these types of communities, seniors live in personal apartments with 24/7 assistance available – plus the benefits of maintenance-free living, community activities, perks like dining and spa services and so much more.

“The benefit of moving to an assisted living community that’s focused on caring support, like Hidden Springs of McKinney, is the comfort you’ll receive for as long as you stay here,” says Doris. “You’ll make friends, live an exciting life and enjoy everything your senior years have to offer.”

Tips for Choosing The Right Assisted Living Community

As you’re searching for the perfect assisted living community, you want to make sure you’re comparing your current needs with what you may need in the future. You’ll also want to look beyond the price tag and review accommodations, services and other perks. Here are some tips for finding your new home:

1. Ask around.

What communities are your friends and family buzzing about? What do online reviews have to say? Marketing materials can tell you what the community wants you to know about, but reviews and recommendations from real residents can let you know what life is really like.

2. Look at what activities are offered. 

Moving to assisted living doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love to do. Do you want opportunities for lifelong learning with lecturers, speakers and collaborations with local colleges? Maybe you’d prefer a cozy and relaxed lifestyle with book clubs, wine bars, a spa and fine dining. Think about what the most important factors for you, and then look for communities that offer the lifestyle you’re looking for.

3. Research the care levels available.

Is the community assisted living only, or are there options for higher levels of care if needed – like memory care, skilled nursing or rehabilitation services? At Hidden Springs of McKinney, we offer progressive care options right on campus, allowing our assisted living residents to receive the additional care they deserve if it’s ever necessary.

4. Don’t forget about the intangibles.

It’s easy to research what’s offered at this place or that and get tactical information about how many rooms they have, what amenities are available and so on and so forth. It’s a lot more difficult to determine that je ne sais quoi – the feel you get from walking into a community. You can tell in the attentiveness of the staff, the beauty of the building or the attention to detail. Hidden Springs was built for seniors who desire more, so we’ve elevated retirement to a new height of fulfillment. With personalized attention, resort-quality amenities and a focus on wellness, we’re here to give you the retirement lifestyle you deserve with the assistance you require.

5. Choose a community focused on wellness.

Whole-person health and wellness is the foundation upon which healthy aging is built. The very best assisted living communities thread this philosophy through every aspect of life, from healthy foods to fitness options to educational opportunities and everything else you need to live a fulfilled life.

“Hidden Springs strives to be the home you want and deserve,” says Doris. “As an assisted living resident at our community, you’ll find everything you need to live your very best life possible. You’ll enjoy maintenance-free living, one-of-a-kind programs, upscale amenities and so much more. And your time will be yours to spend as you wish, whether you wish to pursue your passions, learn something new, dedicate your time to a worthy cause, travel…the choices are endless!”

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Luxury Living in North Dallas

At Hidden Springs of McKinney, we understand how important location is to North Dallas seniors who are looking for an engaging, enriching retirement lifestyle. Located in McKinney, Texas, we are close to medical centers, arts and entertainment, outdoor opportunities and everything else you love about this area. Seniors who choose to make us their home can enjoy a range of trips, opportunities and activities while living their very best life thanks to our innovative focus on wellness.

Active Retirement Living for a Healthy Tomorrow

The secret to a life well-lived awaits you at Hidden Springs of McKinney. Envisioned and developed by Madison Marquette, a company with a 25-year track record of investing in vibrant communities and a stellar reputation for developing luxury residences, you’ll discover all the possibilities your retirement brings … as well as the confidence of knowing your future is secure.

Our beautifully appointed, active retirement living community is created for those who expect more out of life. Luxury living, gracious services, resort-quality amenities, engaging programs and stunning apartments in 15 floor plans are just a few of the benefits awaiting you. And with assisted living and memory care services offered on campus, you can retire with complete peace of mind, knowing that if needs change, the care you deserve is right at home.

To learn more about Hidden Springs of McKinney and discover The Secret to a Life Well Lived, call or visit us today. We’d be happy to schedule a tour and show you just how much our location can make your retirement experience exceptional. Call us today at 972.445.9844.