The Benefits of a Newly Constructed Senior Living Community

Jan 28, 2020

“Today’s newly constructed senior living communities offer more benefits than ever before, making them a highly attractive option for the discerning older adult,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “While most communities these days have the amenities and services you come to expect, today’s communities have perks that older construction can’t always offer. After all, today’s aging adults are desiring and demanding more from their retirement years than any previous generations, and new construction is built to meet those desires.”

In other words, today’s senior living communities aren’t your typical senior living communities – and that’s an excellent thing if you’re an active senior who’s looking into options for senior living.

Doris says that Hidden Springs of McKinney, a new luxury senior living community in the North Dallas area, has been created specifically for seniors who want the benefits of a senior living with more modern surroundings that only a brand-new community can offer.

“There are many great reasons to move into a new senior living community instead of an existing one,” she says. “While older communities certainly have many benefits and are wonderful places to live, the ‘new’ part of a community like Hidden Springs means that seniors really get a chance to take control of their retirement years in a whole new way.”

Here are just a few reasons why new construction communities can benefit seniors – and why it’s important for older adults to act now to secure the retirement lifestyle they want and deserve.

It’s where you want to be.

Take a look at senior living communities that have been open for some time now. Where are they located? If you said, “near a hospital” or “kind of in a strange location but it’s near a highway,” that sounds about right. In the past, senior living communities were built in areas that made it convenient for needs– things like medical care, quick travel via highway and the like. But these days, senior living communities are being built to make it convenient for residents’ wants as well – things like close access to shopping, dining, entertainment, nature and so much more. That’s why we designed Hidden Springs to be where it is. We’re located in McKinney, Texas, and are close to everything you love about this area such as golf courses and walking trails – along with easy access to medical centers. Seniors who choose to make us their home can enjoy a range of trips, opportunities and activities while living their very best life thanks to our innovative focus on wellness.

Options, options, options.

When you think of senior living communities, do you imagine wine clubs? Continuing education and lecture series from notable speakers? How about high-end, luxury furnishings? Customizable floor plans and layouts? If those things sound surprising, well, you obviously haven’t seen what new senior living communities look like these days. Gone are the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all retirement lifestyles – enter the “designed for you” lifestyle you’ve been looking for. There are more options than ever when it comes to senior living communities, and that’s especially true for new construction, which is designed with today’s seniors in mind. Now you can get the lifestyle you’ve been looking for without having to settle for bingo and shuffleboard (unless, of course, that’s what you want).

Everything is new.

A newly constructed senior living community is, well, new! That means everything you see is state-of-the-art, up-to-date and has never been used. Don’t get us wrong – we love vintage, and there’s certainly nothing wrong about a community that’s been a home for several decades. But the truth of the matter is that building codes and construction guidelines have changed over the years – and it can be very costly to revamp an older community. A newly constructed community will be completely up to code and have the latest and greatest safety features. New appliances. New countertops. And the community design is new, too, based on best practices in the industry. Gone are the small, confined little common rooms, and say hello to open-concept spaces and lots of natural light. What better way to kick off a new chapter of your life than with a new place?

You can help design the community lifestyle you want.

Perhaps one of the biggest – and most surprising – benefits of moving into a new senior living community is being part of the “first-class” that ends up defining the lifestyle of the community for years to come. More established communities already have a vibe, a feel and residents who’ve been there for years and years. But in a new community? You and the rest of the first residents will be starting from scratch, as it were. You’ll all be the “new kids on the block,” and will have the opportunity to make the lifestyle you want. There won’t be any sort of “this is the way it’s always been done.” Instead, you’ll find that the residents, staff and leadership will be eager and willing to hear about your interests, your desires and how they can continue to make life in the community even better. You can be a sort of “founding member” that shapes a fun lifestyle for years to come.

“We invite North Dallas seniors who are thinking about moving to a retirement community to consider the fun, energetic lifestyle at Hidden Springs of McKinney,” says Doris. “As a new community in the McKinney, Texas area, you have a unique opportunity to be part of our inaugural resident group and shape the future of our community. We’d love to show you how amazing life can be in our community and how we can help you experience a Life Well Lived.”

For more information about our new community in North Dallas, please contact us at 972.483.0234.

Luxury Living in North Dallas

At Hidden Springs of McKinney, we understand how important location is to North Dallas seniors who are looking for an engaging, enriching retirement lifestyle. Located in McKinney, Texas, we are close to medical centers, arts and entertainment, outdoor opportunities and everything else you love about this area. Seniors who choose to make us their home can enjoy a range of trips, opportunities and activities while living their very best life thanks to our innovative focus on wellness.

Active Retirement Living for a Healthy Tomorrow

The secret to a life well lived awaits you at Hidden Springs of McKinney. Envisioned and developed by Madison Marquette, a company with a 25-year track record of investing in vibrant communities and a stellar reputation for developing luxury residences, you’ll discover all the possibilities your retirement brings … as well as the confidence of knowing your future is secure.

Our beautifully appointed, active retirement living community is created for those who expect more out of life. Luxury living, gracious services, resort-quality amenities, engaging programs and stunning apartments in 15 floor plans are just a few of the benefits awaiting you. And with assisted living and memory care services offered on campus, you can retire with complete peace of mind, knowing that if needs change, the care you deserve is right at home.

To learn more about Hidden Springs of McKinney and discover The Secret to a Life Well Lived, call or visit us today. We’d be happy to schedule a tour and show you just how much our location can make your retirement experience exceptional.

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