Reasons to join Hidden Springs: Reason #5: Residents Eat Well at Hidden Springs

May 3, 2021

Residents eat well at Hidden Springs! Seniors who live on their own face the hassle of making three balanced meals every day for themselves. They may not be able to meet basic nutritional requirements or encounter challenges in getting out to obtain necessary grocery items during these times of isolation. Furthermore, Eating Well, featured in this article, is Reason #5 of our Five Reasons to Join Hidden Springs series.

According to a recent study conducted by Feed America, an estimated 5.5 million older Americans lacked consistent access to basic nutrition needed to sustain an active, healthy lifestyle.  For seniors, living on one’s own can be difficult to plan balanced diets, shop, prepare ingredients, and cook for themselves. Choosing to join Hidden Springs, residents enjoy delicious, nutritious meals three times a day in a lively restaurant.

How do Hidden Springs residents eat well?

Chef-prepared: Presented by the Executive Chef and culinary team, residents enjoy delectable meals three times a day. The culinary team at Hidden Springs goes to great lengths to offer exceptional dining options that will please the palates of all residents ranging from classic offerings to comfort food to international fare. Our chef prepares tempting, nutritious meals to residents in restaurant-style dining or elegant private dining rooms for special celebrations. Hidden Springs focuses on serving fresh selections such as fresh fish, freshly brewed coffee, fresh-baked goods, freshly cracked eggs, and more. Not only do menus offer an array of choices, but they are also available all day to satisfy the residents’ desire for variety and flexibility. In addition to daily offerings, an everyday menu is available with classic items as well.

Tailored to residents: Nutrition is important for seniors in maintaining their health. The Hidden Springs chef creates monthly meal plans that are balanced and take into account resident preferences, nutrition, food textures, allergies, and physician-ordered diets. All meals are planned to meet the specific nutritional needs of residents. Our Snacks that Pack program is specifically developed for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This program offers our Memory Care residents nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich snacks three times a day with a specialized hydration program.

Special Events: Magic moments are made when culinary delights are paired with celebrations to support residents’ nutritional and psychosocial needs. Our community hosts special events with menus tailored to seasonal celebrations such as international nights, special luncheons, or holiday social gatherings. Daily happy hours draw residents together to socialize over a glass of wine, spirit, cocktail, beer, or a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Hidden Springs is truly a community of people working together to navigate the current crisis in the safest possible manner for their residents and staff members while creating the best possible environment where their residents can thrive.

Contact us to learn more about how our residents eat well! We’re here for you.