The Five Benefits of Companion Living for Seniors

Oct 13, 2021

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Choosing to live in a companion style-apartment in senior living is a great option for many residents. As we age, increasing opportunities to socialize and interact with peers and friends can help people live a higher quality, more fulfilled life. In the past months, we’ve seen the toll isolation can have on all demographics, but especially seniors. Having a roommate and an immediate social connection makes joining a community easier and less intimidating.

Five main benefits to companion living in a senior living community: 

  1. Facilitates Transition
    Transitioning to a long-term community can be exciting; however, for some seniors, those first weeks can be daunting too, as they navigate their new environment and find their way. Residents new to senior living may benefit from learning the ins and outs from their companion’s experience. Seniors will be more likely to participate in activities and eat meals when they have a companion to join them.
  2. Improves Sense of Belonging
    Living with a companion can support a greater sense of belonging and higher self-worth levels. Studies show that when seniors engage with others, they benefit from increased self-esteem out of those relationships. When you have social connections, you can benefit from a support system and gain more purpose in your activities.
  3. Reduces Health Risks
    Having a companion can provide social support to reduce loneliness and the associated health risks. Studies show that 25% of adults over 65 are socially isolated which can increase risk of depression, heart failure, stroke, and dementia.
  4. Increases Cognitive Function
    Recent NIH research shows a positive correlation between levels of social engagement and cognitive function among older adults. Companions can encourage participation in social oriented activities such as chess, bridge, board games, and crafts, which can result in improved concentration, working memory, and executive reasoning skills.
  5. Reduces Cost
    Choosing a companion room can be a cost-effective option with a decreased monthly rent compared with a private room.

With all these benefits in mind, companion living could be a fit for you or your loved one. Want to learn more about companion living? Contact us today to learn more!