Our Response to COVID-19

A Message from Hidden Springs

Date: August 11, 2020
From: Doris Lea, Executive Director

Dear Friend,

These are uncertain times for all of us, but they can be even more challenging for seniors. Now more than ever, the residents at Hidden Springs of McKinney are so thankful to be part of a close-knit community. Offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care in a rental environment, Hidden Springs may be an option for someone you know and love. A safe yet social (at a distance) place to live, you can be confident your loved one is in good hands with us.

“Shelter in place” and “self-isolation” are phrases we never thought would have a place in our community. It’s contrary to everything we believe in. But here we are – focused on current challenges and planning for a more normal version of community life.

Where We Have Been

We’ve added precautionary measures, intensive cleaning, disinfecting protocols and a COVID-19 screening process that records vital health statistics and tracks a person’s travel and recent contacts. Our reception teams have become the first line of defense, carefully screening all who come to our door. We’ve restricted visitors, allowing only medical and construction personnel. We’ve mitigated virus spread and lessened the impacts of precautions on families and loved ones. It’s a delicate balance.

Where We Are Now

We have implemented targeted testing and personal-contact tracing, which are crucial to regaining a sense of normalcy. We have transitioned much of what we do to virtual or distanced interactions while still seeking every opportunity to remain connected. Our executive and management teams meet daily. These past few months have been challenging. There’s no playbook for this. We have adapted to the evolving preventative actions needed to fight this virus. Now we are planning the next steps as we envision the road ahead.

Where We Are Going

As Texas eases restrictions, our residents remain vulnerable. Some changes in how our team works, cares for and interacts with your loved one and each other will continue. We will consult with health and wellness experts and set up a task force to plan for the future. We want our path to be thoughtful, careful and focused on safety. Everything from returning to restaurant dining experiences to easing visitation and trip restrictions is being planned.

We are moving forward with new ways to connect within our community. Beyond the stateof-the-art technology and precautions our transitional “new normal” has brought, we have also supported each other in personal ways. The connections that have come out of this will continue to flourish.

Short-term challenges lead to long-term opportunities. The ingenuity, resourcefulness, support and camaraderie that we’ve seen will have long-lasting effects on our culture and inspire bonds that will define our community.

We’re in This Together

You hear it everywhere: “We’re in this together.” But here it has a deeper meaning. Everyone has gone above and beyond to create appropriate, safe, and in some cases, ingenious opportunities for residents and staff to engage and stay connected. Seeing our team come together, putting in extraordinary effort to support each other and our residents, has been uplifting and deeply moving.

Going forward, we will practice precautionary measures and social distancing. We know ongoing testing and contact tracing will be part of our new reality. But the core of what we do – creating vibrant environments for those we serve – remains the same. Our community’s practices and programs will evolve and advance. The one constant? The human spirit – and our passion for enhancing lives and creating rewarding experiences – remains unchanged. We are happy to announce the next stage of reopening in our Independent Living section, supercharging our commitment to our community and to your loved one. To learn more about how Hidden Springs of McKinney can help you put a plan in place for a loved in these uncertain times, please call 972.445.9844 today. We’ll be happy to sit down with you, in person or virtually, to discuss your options and help you find the best fit, giving you and your loved one peace of mind with a plan in place for today and tomorrow.

Doris Lea
Executive Director

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus continues to unfold, please be assured that the health, wellness and safety of our residents and staff remain our top priority. Hidden Springs is following strict safety guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in addition to the protocols enacted by local, county and state officials.

To inquire about specific community preparedness and practices relating to coronavirus, please contact Doris Lea, the Executive Director, at 972.445.9844.