The Hidden (and Delicious) Benefits of Dining in Senior Living

Jul 15, 2020

The dinner table has been a gathering place since, well, we first had dinner tables. Think of some of your favorite memories, and we imagine that food plays a huge part in them. Family dinners, holiday gatherings, evenings out with friends – food nourishes our bodies and our souls. It’s no wonder, then, that the dining experience in senior living has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past decade.

“We’ve seen an explosion of culinary interest throughout society thanks to things like the Food Network, a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, a wide variety of ethnic cuisines becoming mainstream … we’re truly living in the golden age of food,” says Doris Lea, Executive Director of Hidden Springs of McKinney. “Since today’s seniors are choosing to move to communities like Hidden Springs in order to enjoy their retirement years to the fullest, it just makes sense that they’re expecting a dining experience like they would find in some of the area’s finest restaurants.”

While the senior living dining experience has long been a building block of health and wellness, today’s experience is a perfect example of everything Hidden Springs has to offer residents.

“Mealtime is an important part of our social health and well-being, and Hidden Springs takes that into consideration by providing a rich, satisfying dining experience at each and every meal,” she says. “Chef Shaun and his team are magnificent and love working with the residents to create new, delicious, varied options for our tables. Meals here are truly a dining experience, and I invite you to discover it for yourself and see what makes us distinctly different.”


Deliciously Nutritious

As we age, our need for food shifts as well. Metabolisms and activity levels slow down, which means that seniors need fewer calories than they did in their youth. Depending on an individual’s health needs, they may require a specialized diet, such as one that’s low in fat or low in sodium. On the flip side, seniors need nutrients at a higher level than some of their younger counterparts. Seniors who often eat alone end up having more health issues and can even suffer from malnutrition.

“One of the benefits of dining at Hidden Springs is that our residents get the most optimal nutrition in the most delicious way,” says Doris.

“All the dishes created in the kitchen at Hidden Springs are fresh and if possible, locally sourced from area farms and orchards,” adds Chef Shaun Hanna, Executive Chef / Director of Dining at Hidden Springs. “This idea of ‘Farm to Fork’ is a special dance. Once complete, you will find happiness like no other.”


Social Companionship
Seniors who live alone (and eat alone) end up making poorer food choices than their more social counterparts. Often, a senior may not feel like making a big, healthy meal, so they will either skip meals or opt for foods that are pre-packaged, frozen and full of preservatives.

However, when mealtimes are shared with others, the experience lasts longer and people tend to make better food choices. In one survey, 85 percent of seniors say that mealtimes with others are more enjoyable and satisfying – and they say that the companionship is just as important as the quality of the food.

“Dining at Hidden Springs is always a chance to socialize,” says Doris. “Our gorgeous dining room is set up restaurant-style, making it easy to dine with friends at every occasion. Even with social distancing measures in place, it’s also a great opportunity to meet new friends and bond while sharing a meal together.”

“Within this community, there is a true feeling of kindred spirits,” says Chef Shaun. “Every day I’m cooking for my extended family. Food is joy and we create joy every day – no one goes away hungry.”


Convenient Cuisine

So we’ve established that senior living dining helps seniors make better food choices, eat a healthier diet and form friendships. Here’s yet one more big benefit of the experience: it takes work off your plate.

“I like to say that this is your time to be served,” says Doris. “Our dining experience handles everything soup to nuts – literally. You don’t have to spend hours making grocery lists, shopping, preparing food, cleaning up … all you have to do is come, sit down and be served. It really is like dining in a fine restaurant every day, and you don’t have to pick up the tab when it’s over.”

Doris says that the dining experience frees up residents’ time so they can focus more on the things they want – whether that’s heading out and exploring everything the area has to offer or simply lingering a little longer around the table with new friends.

“The dining at Hidden Springs caters to gourmet tastes and active lifestyles, giving you everything you need to live your very best retirement life possible,” she says. Why not see it – and taste it – for yourself? We’d love to take you to lunch and show off our amazing community while we’re at it. You may just discover that you have a new taste for life – one that places you at Hidden Springs.”

For more information about the dining experience at Hidden Springs, or to learn more about our new community in North Dallas, please contact us at 972.483.0234.

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